This year we celebrated Thanksgiving twice, but the real celebration was last evening (Saturday).  Last year my sister moved out of state and so she doesn’t get home very often.  Her entire family came, my brother and his entire family came and my parents; back to the old homestead.

Dad deepfried a turkey and mom baked one the traditional way.  Dad made homemade french fries in the peanut oil mom made mashed and sweet potatoes.  We had brocholi casserole, and the rest of the fixins. I recently found out I’m right there at having diabetes… in fact I could have it but I claim it NOT!


The turkeys

I’ve been overweight for at least a decade now and its never hit me when the food is in front of me, pumpkin pie – pumpkin gobs – sugar cookies – mini tartlets – jello salad… yum!  This morning I woke up hungry… I could have really enjoyed some cold stuffing and pie; but I want to live!


Mini fruit tartlets

The quest started… I knew I could find something healthy in the storeage house of comfort food.  Skimming through the k-cups I found sweet tea, perfect ill drink it warm (no need to add honey – its sweet) added more hot water.  Ok now for some oatmeal.  Yesterday I opened a package of low sugar oatmeal and added crasins and rasins it was the best I ever had.  This morning there were no little bags but I found the canisiter which is used for baking… so I heated the water in the kerug, placed my bowl underneath and filled it up. 

Couldn’t find any rasins but I came across some prunes (I like figs so I must like prunes, right?); added some of them and a dash of salt… and a spoonful into the mouth.

Its truly the worst oatmeal I’ve ever had!  I’m going to try my best to eat some of it.  Its a scary thing knowing you’ve allowed your health to get so out of wack that diseases are trying to take over ur body.  I believe that God the Creator of the world has created me in His image and in His likeness and I too can create my world.

I believe that though His power that He willingly gives to me throught my belief in His Son Jesus… I too can create things.  I can create a new shell (body) for my soul in perfection.  I can create an environment of health and prosperity in my life by what I allow myself to be surrounded by. 

Its hard being away from your personal elements where you have total control over ur surroundings but, where there is a diligant attitide and persistance there is victory.  So this Thanksgiving I praise Jesus for giving me victory over my circumstances!  Victory over bad eating habits.  Victory over laziness.  Victory over stubborness.  And I bless Him for creating me:-)

Blessing Him for creating my family.  Its been a hard road – so many pridefilled moments; but we all made it through… and we are all deliriously happy with each day of our lives.  With the people we were called to love and the children in our family. 

And my parents have demonstrated unconditional love to us; at times we didn’t understand – we couldn’t comprehend, but now as adults we are starting to see how wonderful it can be to be completely sold out on Love. 

As much as a struggle it can be, keeping faithful to a better me is very important – so that I can be around for many more memories. 


Sugar Cookies


Happy Thanksgiving to You!

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